Collaborative Design.

Sitework is the work that has to happen before any construction can take place.  As you can imagine, it incorporates a vast number of people and decisions to complete.  It covers all manner of problem solving.  And it is time sensitive.  Genesis Engineering Cooperative specializes in sitework design.

“I love that engineers have a hand in almost everything we use in society – from the buildings in which we work and live, to the cars we drive, to the clothes we wear, and the food we eat.”

-Jamie Clark

A Truly Dynamic Duo

Jennifer and Michele made quite an impression from the very first meeting. They brought to the table the perfect combination of warmth and professionalism that anyone could have predicted would win prospective clients over.  As they walked me through the highlights of their business, it was also clear they had the knowledge to back it up, as well as a strong network of contacts from years of successful projects in the industry.

I was delighted to get to work with them based on that alone.  But of course a session with a company that does site work for new and re-purpose construction would not be complete without some site visits, and the prospect of photographing in an active construction site was a lovely added bonus.  Hard hats on!


Collaboration Can Change The Game.

Genesis has built their practice around the core value of collaboration.  The Client, Consultants & Contractor are part of the same team looking for the same result…a successful project.  This shows in their work, by their repeat clients, and is so important to their philosophy that it is even in their name.

More From Our Session!

Follow us from Suwanee down through Brookhaven as we toured the GEC offices and some of their project sites.

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