Both Sides of the Lens

Victoria Doss

Meet Victoria, the artist behind Portraits by Victoria D!  She has been behind cameras for almost ten years. When she’s not working on portrait sessions, she’s probably relaxing at home with her husband or chasing her toddler around.  You probably want to know why she’s not ALWAYS on the far side of the lens since she is model gorgeous with one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen, but if you check out her artwork you will see she is as talented as she is beautiful and the world needs her behind the camera, too.

Behind the Scenes!


Behind-the-scenes images are important for any business to communicate a more complete idea of what to expect when working with them.  Being able to see what the delivery process looks like can be very helpful for clients trying to decide if a product or service (or a company itself) is a good fit for their needs.

Portraits by Victoria D

Victoria has been through some big changes, including growing her business, moving from the Atlanta area to Winston-Salem, growing her family, AND to top it all off, a rebranding of her portrait business.  She is an entreprenuer in the true meaning of the term, and an inspiration in how she serves her clients while prioritizing her family.

Session Gallery

Just a few more shots I loved from Victoria’s session.  Her smile and her personality just light up the day, and working with her was one of my most fun sessions ever.

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PS – This image taken by Victoria!

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